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Set up in 2007, the LOTRONIC Group has been built by a team with extensive experience of the Sound and Light market. As a fast-growing company, we quickly became a major player on the European SOUND and LIGHT market. We are distributed in more than 30 countries via national or local distributors, retailers, installers and internet sales companies. The success of LOTRONIC is among others due to the high level of stock availability in our warehouses near Brussels. Our strength is the ability to respond to the specificities of the markets. Despite a difficult economic situation, Lotronic distributors keep growing.


Lotronic succeeded to make SOUND & LIGHT products available to a large audience, from both a technical and an economical point of view! We invest in R & D for better products at the right price. We support our partners and staff in their development.


We adhere to several fundamental principles: • We search solutions that are beneficial to our company, customers, consumers and environment • We are proud of our products • We are honest and sincere in all our actions • We have a short and long term vision • We believe in mutual respect and achievement of results as a team.